Whats Up With Online Sex Dating?

If you were to check any typical adult forum, you would probably quickly figure out that there’s something wrong with online sex dating. No, I’m not saying that there something morally fucked up about this type of dating. I’m not going to judge. That’s not the point here.

Instead, there’s something wrong in terms of the ability of online sex dating websites to deliver the experience people are looking for. Now, don’t get too excited. Don’t think that the typical online sex dating site is a scam or a fraud. They exist for a reason, and for the most part, people do get laid from these types of websites. They operate as advertised, at least when it comes to delivering online anonymous sex.

With that said, for many guys who try this way of getting together with members of the opposite sex, they often walk away with an experience that they’re not completely happy about. A lot of people are asking themselves and others what ruined online sex dating.

Well, the answer doesn’t require you to be some sort of brain surgeon or rocket scientist. You don’t have to have an IQ north of 150 to understand what’s going on with this type of dating, and why it’s turning off so many people. Here are just three of the most common reasons given by both men and women as to why they are no longer doing online sex dating.
No Surprises Left

Think about it. The first time you went out on a date, the reason why it’s so much fun is that you don’t know the other person. You don’t know what would happen next. This uncertainty of not knowing what’s around the corner is what makes it exciting. If you were to look at all areas of your life and remove all the mystery and uncertainty, then you probably would be very bored. You probably would not look forward to doing things that normally excite you.

The same applies to your sex life. If you know that there is relatively little chance of you getting rejected if you show up at your online sex date, then what else is there to do? Even if you’re into whips and chains, and domination and bondage and discipline, that gets old after a while. There’s something about the sense of mystery that makes sex so appealing. Unfortunately, that’s the first thing to go when you go into online sex dating.